Mums, Dads & Ladyboys

" Yet another distasteful record sleeve from Twister"

Thus said DJ, John Peel, about Twister's single, "It's a Dogs Life".
Well hopefully, John, you won't be too offended by the cover of their debut album, "Mums, Dads and Ladyboys".

The album blasts off with, "Shooting Stars", a song that's nothing to do with Reeves and Mortimer, but about the Hinckleys and Chapmans of this world, attaining celebrity status by killing a celebrity. Further on the CD, "Growing", with it's harmonies and catchy chorus wouldn't sound out of place in a Teenage Fanclub set.

The infamous single, "It's a Dog's Life", is firmly rooted in the mid sixties with the manic harmonica of guitarist, Paul Bailey, who incidentally plays keyboards with Semion, guitar with the Legendary Too Drunk and probably plays nose flute for a Bolivian wind quartet in his spare time! "Teenage Pregnancy", their first single is here, as is the fourth, "Holiday", but unfortunately no place for the second, "The Clap".

Ever lived with someone you shouldn't have? Then you'll identify with "This Flat Ain't Big Enough For The Both of Us". The album finishes off with the punk pop epic, "One of The Millions".

Overall a bloody fine debut album. If you're into glam,punk or just like catchy, powerful pop tunes then add this one to your list. This album will probably sound great played live so watch out for their gigs.


It's A Dog's Life
Brown Paper Bag
Tennants Super Way
Marks out of 10......8

Twister in all their glory L to R:
Paul Bailey(Guitar),
Mark Goozee(Bass),
Galvin McIlroy(Guitar),
Matt Johnson(Vocals),
Huw Jennings(Drums)

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